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We are on licor de chivas regal the threshold of the fall of one of the internal borders of our country, and now the work will involve focusing on strengthening this new Chile using the tools that are within our reach, Gana concludes.
August 2014, this process has diverse implications for both users and companies.
Netflix, la empresa que lidera el mercado de las plataformas de películas y series de TV online, entregó los resultados de su último estudio sobre la velocidad de los proveedores de banda ancha del país.In addition, it offers much greater quality of service than the mobile phone.Almost one decade after the change in controlling parties, the company -mainly focused on the residential market of the Metropolitan Region- is undergoing a period of consolidation as a result of the investment made in fiber optic networks over the last five years.And it has worked well for them.Today, 60 of all Gtd Manquehue sales are for plans offering triple-play service packages and 25 for bi-play services.Now the challenge is for us as providers of this service to educate our users so that they can adapt to all of these changes as quickly as possible.Due to the characteristic operation of the carrier model and the separate calls to mobile phones, dialing long distance today is complicated, Gtd says.This stands in contrast to mobile phones, which currently have a rate of over.The plan is to continue growing in the residential market although their global strategy is also looking at the corporate segment of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs).Work has already begun.However, the new regulation will make calling a mobile phone and a landline essentially the same, which will simplify and make it easier to call, which in the medium run should show an upward trend, however very slightly, on traffic and also on income for.For example, pay TV increased by more than 10 because of the high definition channels on offer, regalo raton de praga he said.

The goal, he added, is to at least double both client portfolios by the end of the decade.
This means it uses the Telefónica del Sur network to operate.
The operators outlook could even go further: outside of Chile.