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Other gangs may try and take your territory, and it's upto you to defend.
The Sindaccos are represented by Johnny, and the Forelli's continue causing trouble for the Leone's.
Take Control, winning territory involves gang war, and this must be done carefully.
They are believed to have become a major ninel conde premios lo nuestro 2013 hub in the international drugs trade - possible involvment in the cocaine trade.Recruitment, recruit some homies by pressing, up on the D-pad whilst targeting a member.San Andreas Gangs, rockstar North conducted massive amounts of research before developing the gangs of San Andreas-this involved talking to DJ Pooh, Mister Cartoon, Estevan Oriol, and hundreds of other well-known faces.Killing 4 members will provoke a gang war, and the area under attack will flash red on the radar.San Fierro Rifa This hispanic street gang control areas of Garcia, San Fierro.' "The Inevitable Return of the Great White Dope.(2001).The Triads are currently having problems with a vietnamese street gang known as Da Nang Boys.The Grove Street Families have been silenced over the past few years by drugs, internal disagreements and their arch rivals, the Ballas.Bloodhound Gang Screwing You On The Beach At Night MIT porno-star leonie saintbloodhound Gang: Sex im Video Bloodhound Gang-Altogether Ooky .A coach or bus will hold all 7 members, where as a typical car will carry a maximum of 2.This hispanic gang are sworn enemies of the Varios Los Aztecas, and attack in large numbers.Mindless, uncontrollable, and thought to have ties with Mexican (Drugs and Russian (Weapons) Mobs.Extremely violent, major interests in protection.The Ballas come in two sets - Front Yard Ballas and Rollin Heights Ballas.These are useful for two reasons-it allows police to identify a gang set or victim, and it allows gang members to interact with one another.They control the dockland/bay area in Easter Basin - often causing disturbance.The Front Yard Ballas are Los Santos' most nutorious drug dealers, and Grove Street's biggest rivals.