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Ideas de.regalos 10 años manualidades daciles

BUG Checks NPC not argonian instead of PC not argonian FIX cupon once 15 enero 2017 Changed to "Global PCRace!
Sc_telvinscourage, icon: "Tx_scroll_open_a" - "Tx_scroll_a" *bk.
Icon: "Tx_scroll_open_a" - "Tx_scroll_a book text: "servents" regalan m - "servants" *bk.
Sc_bloodfire, icon: "Tx_scroll_open_a" - "Tx_scroll_a" *bk.You can kill the scamp and help Listien even if you regalos originales para un futuro padre aren't a member of the Mages Guild, since people in Maar Gan might mention the strange noises coming out of Huleen's hut.Sc_vulpriss, icon: "Tx_scroll_open_a" - "Tx_scroll_a" *bk.Dagoth gares, added object id: "random_ash_salts "random_ghoul_heart" *cr.They seemed to fit in better with what was being said Male Orc Hello Voice (Disp 10) BUG PC Crim 1000 below 100 so is never said FIX Changed 100 to 1000 and 1000 to 100.Sc_bloodthief, icon: "Tx_scroll_open_a" - "Tx_scroll_a" *bk.Dagoth fervas, added object id: "random_ash_salts "random_ghoul_heart" *cr.Sc_tranasasspellmire, icon: "Tx_scroll_open_a" - "Tx_scroll_a" *bk.Sc_thirdbarrier, icon: "Tx_scroll_open_a" - "Tx_scroll_a" *bk.While the game added diseases, it never activated them, so no stat loss would occur; although to a script it could appear you were blighted.Silver flameblade, enchanting: "dire flame_en" - "cruel flame_en" *weap.BM_bear_black_summon, fight: "90" - "50" *cr.Sc_greaterdomination, icon: "Tx_scroll_open_a" - "Tx_scroll_a" *bk.
Hoy traemos para ti un nuevo proyecto de manualidades para navidad.

Dagoth reler, added object id: "random_ash_salts" *cr.
Sc_inaschastening, icon: "Tx_scroll_open_a" - "Tx_scroll_a" *bk.