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Mario casas tengo ganas de ti

mario casas tengo ganas de ti

This is caja de bombones regalo precio not my war, this is not my fight, this is something more.
Today I said goodbye!
(One) One (Two) Two (Three) Three Nil!I'm getting tired of drowning the constant.Every promise I made I'm rescinding.All I gotta do is give up and all is forgiven.To see the great big mouth shut up and apologize!Oh I didn't need to leave to stay right here Today I'll said goodbye!Maybe I'm looking in the wrong direction.Centre mass in the middle of the monster.And I don't get the punch line.Look at me - I am the glorified malcontent.Maybe I'm looking for any direction.Today I'll said goodbye!Come on - Come see dysfunction.Holed up, scarred and tamed for the hell.This is not my life (This is not my) Revolution (This is not my) Convolution (This is not my) Only reason to question why.(One) (Two) (Three nil!I guess we're gonna leave it open for discussion.Chaos - Its just the beginning.This is not my life (This is not my) Revolution (This is not my) Convolution (This is not my) Expectation (This is not my) Desperation, yeah!
I'm the pariah (Break me) I am the liar (Save me) I can take anything (Make me) Accuse me of everything (Take me) Cut off the system (Shape me) Deny my existence (Waste me) I won't be afraid (Try me) I won't be unmade (Deny.

And where am I going?
Cry for help Its debatable, the only reason that you love me is I'm hated by all.
Of being the butt of the cosmic joke.